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Old Growth, Clear-Cut: Poems of Haida Gwaii Old Growth, Clear-Cut: Poems of Haida Gwaii
ratings: 1 (avg rating 5.00)

The Beggar King The Beggar King
reviews: 8
ratings: 21 (avg rating 4.00)

Tesseracts 14: Strange Canadian Stories Tesseracts 14: Strange Canadian Stories
reviews: 4
ratings: 15 (avg rating 4.07)

Tesseracts Fifteen: A Case of Quite Curious Tales Tesseracts Fifteen: A Case of Quite Curious Tales
reviews: 4
ratings: 14 (avg rating 3.79)

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Published Work


  • The House of One Thousand Eyes. Young adult historical novel, to be published by Annick Press (Toronto, 2018, US 2018)


  • A Year of Borrowed Men. Children’s picture book, Pajama Press (Toronto, 2015, US, 2016)


  • The Beggar King. Young adult fantasy novel published by Thistledown Press (Saskatchewan, 2013)


  • “Old Growth, Clear Cut: Poems of Haida Gwaii.” Chapbook published by Leaf Press (Vancouver Island, B.C., 2012)


  • Glimpsing The Stars.  Mini-chapbook of poetry published by The Centrifugal Eye. Free PDF download available www.centrifugaleye.com


Poetry (Anthologies)

“Late August.” Reprinted in The Centrifugal Eye’s Fifth Anniversary Anthology www.centrifugaleye.com Online and print journal (Saskatchewan, 2013)


“Things that won’t help you on a bad day,” “Seven Explanations,” “Long Disconsolate Lines About Sex,” and, “Testament.” Published in Force Field: 77 Women Poets of BritishColumbia (Ed. Susan Musgrave) Mother Tongue Publishing (BC, 2013)


“Black Sheep.” Best Canadian Poetry, 2011. Tightrope Books (Toronto, 2011)


“You Always Knew.” Tesseracts 15 (Calgary, AB, 2011)


“Fire,” “The Door,” and “Onwards and Upwards.” Tesseracts 14 (Calgary, AB, 2010)


“Defying Gravity.” Taproot IV (Quebec, 2009)



Poetry (Online and print literary magazines)


“The Night of My Conception.” The Fiddlehead (New Brunswick, 2015)


“Slices of Mackintosh Apple Observe the Morning from the Kitchen Table.” FreeFall Magazine (Alberta, 2015)


“Barbie Succumbs,” and, “Not So Much the Cats.” The Feathertale Review (Ontario, 2015)


“Satori,” “Pose,” “In the Beginning was the Word,” and, “All the Cool Kids are Buddhists Now.” The Centrifugal Eye, www.centrifugaleye.com (online and print journal, SK) Summer, 2014


“Family Portrait.” Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine (B.C.) 2013, Volume X


“Disabled.” FreeFall Magazine (Alberta, 2013) Volume XXIII, Number 1


“Wildflowers With Cruel Parents.” Arc Poetry Magazine (Ottawa, ON) Fall, 2012


“A Moment of Stillness.” Published on Lake’s website (UBCO, Fall, 2012)


“The Past,” and, “First Fair.” Room (Vancouver, BC, 2012) Volume 35.3


“Things that won’t help you on a bad day,” and, “Telepathy.” The Antigonish Review (Nova Scotia, 2012) Volume 43, No. 170


“Fear”, “In the Sunlight at the Window,” and, “Angel and the Burnt Man.” The Centrifugal Eye www.centrifugaleye.com (Saskatchewan, 2012)


“My Constant Companion.” Carte Blanche http://carte-blanche.org/ (November, 2011) Issue 14


“Married to a Poem.” Ottawa Arts Review (Ottawa, 2011) Volume 5.2


“A Rectangle of Sunlight.” dotdotdash. (Australia, 2011) Issue 7


“Elegy for the Orchard,” “Treed Community,” and, “Reading Poetry to Cows.” The Centrifugal Eye www.centrifugaleye.com (Saskatchewan, April, 2011) Volume 6, Issue 1


“A Closed Door and the Moon,” “Unanswered Prayer,” “At All Times, Love,” “Monk’s Rain,” and, “Mrs. Butters and the Curious Conundrum of Time.” Room, (Vancouver, B.C., 2011) Volume 33.4


“The Poem That Won’t Jump,” “We Are Guests on this Earth,” and, “The Man Who Invented Negative Numbers.”   The Scrumbler (United Kingdom, 2011)


“Black Sheep.” Vallum Magazine (Montreal, QC, 2010) Volume 7:2


“Skedans,” “Old Soul Tree,” and “Working Forest.” The Centrifugal Eye www.centrifugaleye.com (Saskatchewan, May, 2010) Volume 5, Issue 2


“Providence Crematorium.” Autumn Sky Poetry www.autumnskypoetry.com (April, 2010)


“In Praise of the Man from Ohio,” and “Sunday.” The Mitre (Bishop’s University, Sherbrooke, QC, 2010)


“How to Coach Soccer to Five-Year-Olds,” and “On Being a Spectator at the Ironman Triathlon.” Room (Vancouver, 2010) Volume 33.1


“Teaching an Old Dog,” and “Our Shadow.” Room (Vancouver, 2009) Volume 32.1


“Dear Writer.” The Antigonish Review (Nova Scotia, 2009) #157


“A Concrete Poem,” and “Coyotes.” Carte Blanche www.carte-blanche.org (Montreal, 2008) Issue 7


“What the Hummingbird Knows,” Lakeshore,” and “Leaving Home.” Room of One’s Own (Vancouver, 2008) Volume 31.1


“Spare Change.” Room of One’s Own (Vancouver, 2007) Volume 30.2


“Wallpaper Universe.” Cicada (Chicago, IL: May/June, 2007) Volume 9, No. 5


“His Shadow.” Cicada (Chicago, IL: March/April, 2007) Volume 9, No. 4


“Blind Glory,” “The Downtown Eastside 2010 Olympics,” and “Tailor Made.” Room of One’sOwn (Vancouver, 2006)


“Showing Up,” and “Cuban for One Night.” Descant (Toronto, 2006) Volume 37, No. 3



Short Fiction (online and print literary reviews, and anthologies)


“Hy the Chesterfield Guy, and Son.” The Ilanot Review (Israel, Summer 2015)


“Fun House.” The Dalhousie Review. (Nova Scotia, 2014) Volume 94.2


“Second.” The Jewish Literary Journal, March, 2014


“The Things We Lose on Purpose.” The Fiddlehead (New Brunswick, 2014) No. 258


“What Fits Inside a Box.” Freefall Magazine (Alberta, Fall, 2012) Volume XXII, Number 3 Listen to a partial reading of this story here.


“The Trader.” YARN (Young Adults Review Network) www.yareview.net (July, 2011)


“The Unbearable Archives.” Grain (Saskatoon: Spring, 2011) Volume 38.3


“The Monkey-Maker.” Surrey International Writer’s Conference Anthology, A World of Words (Vancouver, 2009)


“Yom Kippur.” Taproot II. (Quebec, 2002)


“The Goldberg Variations.” Words Literary Journal (Vancouver, 2001)



Non-Fiction (Magazines, literary reviews and anthologies)


“Mystical and Earthy: The Paradox of Writing.” The Centrifugal Eye www.centrifugaleye.com (Saskatchewan, 2014) Fall


“Coming Home.” The Saint Katherine Review (San Diego, 2012) Volume 2.2


“Fourteen Explanations.” Grain Literary Magazine (Saskatoon, 2009) 36.3


“Ma Vie avec Harry.” (Translation of “Understanding Harry”) Sélection Reader’s Digest (Montréal, 2005) Fevrier


“Understanding Harry.” Reader’s Digest (Canada) (Montreal: November, 2004)


“Blessings.” Event: The Douglas College Literary Review (Vancouver: summer, 2001)


“We have to get a grip on ourselves.” In, Popular Culture: The Issues Collection, ed. Chris Worsnop (McGraw-Hill Ryerson: 1994)


“Vancouver to Hilo: A Rite of Passage.” Cruising World Magazine (Newport, RI: March, 1992)



Non-Fiction (Newspapers – selected)


“Water Woes.” The Globe and Mail, Facts and Arguments page (March 7, 2012)

  • Reprinted in The Source (Ontario: Spring, 2012)
  • Reprinted in Watermark Magazine (Burnaby, B.C.: Fall, 2012)


“Into the mouths of babes.” The Globe and Mail. (February 28, 1998)


“Why I hate Vogue magazine.” Globe and Mail, Facts and Arguments page (March 28, 1995)


“We have to get a grip on ourselves.” Globe and Mail, Facts & Arguments page (March 13, 1992)


Weekly column: “Good Reads,” in The Sherbrooke Record newspaper (2003 – July, 2009)



Writing Contests, Awards, Grants

2016 Nominated for the Ontario Library Association 2017 Forest of Reading Golden Oak Award, for A Year of Borrowed Men


2016 Finalist for the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award for A Year of Borrowed Men


2016 Nominated for the Chocolate Lily Book Award for A Year of Borrowed Men 


Recipient of Canada Council for the Arts grant for creative writing (Ref. no.: 6133-15-0853) to complete first draft of a historical novel for adults, Prisoners of War. 2015-16


Feature Poet: The Centrifugal Eye (www.centrifugaleye.com): includes full interview, four poems, and non-fiction essay on writing. September, 2014


Journey Prize nomination for short story, “What Fits Inside a Box.” Freefall Magazine (Alberta, Fall, 2012) Volume XXII, Number 3. 2013


The Blotter/ Laine Cunningham Novel Award, second place for The Beggar King, 2012


Included in Best Canadian Poetry Anthology for, “Black Sheep.” 2011


Honourable Mention, Surrey International Writer’s Conference Storyteller contest, for short story, “The Monkey-Maker,” set in the same fantasy world as The Beggar King [See Fantasy Fiction] 2009


Recipient of Canada Council for the Arts grant for creative writing (Ref. no.: 6133-08-0849) to complete first draft of young adult fantasy novel, The Golden Secret, set in the same world as The Beggar King. [See Fantasy Fiction] 2009


Recipient of Canada Council for the Arts grant for creative writing (Ref. no.: 6133-06-0802) to complete young adult fantasy novel now titled, The Beggar King. 2006-07


Winner, Surrey International Writer’s Conference creative non-fiction contest, for “Understanding Harry” (2003)


Winner, Gold, National Magazine Awards in personal journalism, for “Blessings” (2002)



Canada Council for the Arts, literary non-fiction jury (2012)



  • Federation of B.C. Writers
  • League of Canadian Poets
  • Writers’ Union of Canada
  • Canadian Children’s Book Centre